As a Kid Thinks

A Children’s Adaptation of the Timeless Bestseller «As a Man Thinketh»

Introducing ‘As a Kid Thinks’, a creative reimagining of the classic bestseller ‘As a Man Thinketh’, tailored specifically for young readers aged 8 to 12. This book invites children into a world where their thoughts have profound power, blending enchanting stories with the enduring wisdom of the original work. Through its engaging narratives, young readers learn how their mindset and perspectives can shape their experiences and personal growth.

Each story in ‘As a Kid Thinks’ is a delightful journey of imagination, moral insights, and adventures, echoing the real-life challenges and opportunities children face. It’s an essential tool for nurturing resilience, positivity, and a strong character in young minds. This book is not just a source of fun; it’s a beacon of inspiration, encouraging children to harness the power of their thoughts in building a happy and successful life.

Cultivating Positive Thinking

Empower your child with ‘As a Kid Thinks’ – a book that instills the power of positive thinking from an early age. Perfect for 8 to 12-year-olds, it teaches them how to develop a resilient and healthy mindset. Discover how positive thoughts can shape a brighter future.

Character Development

Introduce your child to ‘As a Kid Thinks’, where character building comes to life. This book adapts key concepts of integrity, personal responsibility, and a constructive attitude, making them relatable for young readers. Help your child grow into their best self.

Emotional Management

Equip your child with emotional management skills with ‘As a Kid Thinks’. This book offers simple strategies for children to handle their emotions and thoughts, a vital skill for their emotional development. Build the foundation for emotional intelligence.

Inspiring Young Dreamers to Achieve

Fuel your child’s aspirations with ‘As a Kid Thinks’. Adapted for children, this book combines inspiring stories and examples that motivate them to pursue their dreams and goals. Ignite their passion for achieving great things.

  • Vibrantly Illustrated
  • Easy-to-Read Format
  • Encourages Reading Enjoyment
  • Cultivates Imagination
  • Emotionally Engaging
  • Ethical Lessons

The stage between 8 to 12 years is a pivotal period in a child’s development, marking a significant transition from early childhood to the precursors of adolescence. During these formative years, children undergo notable physical and emotional changes, which are crucial in shaping their character and understanding of the world.


At this age, children develop advanced cognitive skills that enable them to think more critically and reflectively. They begin to form their own identity, values, and beliefs, gradually moving away from a family-centric worldview to explore broader and more abstract concepts.


This period is where resilience, positive thinking, and self-esteem become essential components for healthy development. Children in this age group are learning to manage more complex emotions and to develop deeper social relationships outside of the family unit. They are forging their independence and decision-making abilities, while still requiring guidance and support.


Moreover, the 8 to 12 years are crucial for nurturing intellectual curiosity, creativity, and motivation for learning. The interests and skills developed during this time can significantly influence children’s future passions and career choices.



For these reasons, it is vital to provide children at this stage with resources and experiences that nourish their emotional, intellectual, and social development. Books like ‘As a Kid Thinks’ are designed to complement this growth, offering valuable life lessons through engaging and relatable stories for this fascinating stage of life.


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